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Beware who you employ to do YOUR bathroom!

Anyone can show you a few nice pictures of a bathroom, but finding an experienced bathroom fitter who knows what he’s doing and takes pride in his work isn’t easy. This bathroom is a year old and the tiles are falling off the wall. Why you ask? Firstly because the “bathroom fitter” hasn’t prepared his…

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Effegibi Steam Room training in Italy

8 of us from the company recently went over to Italy for some training on Effegibi saunas and hammams (steam rooms). They’re the market leader in the wellness industry and their factory was very impressive. I didn’t realise how much work goes into making each of their bespoke saunas or steam rooms.  If you’re…

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“Toto” toilets training day in London

Myself and my electrician Tim recently went  through Toto toilets training day, at their head office in London. It’s was great to learn more about their toilets and what they can. Toto’s toilets are truly top of the range, with features like Seats that open automatically when you come close to the toilet Toilets that…

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Noticed a drip on your Megaflo? Don’t call a plumber till you’ve read this…

If you notice water intermittently dripping through the ‘tundish’ (pictured right) on your Megaflo hot water cylinder. Don’t worry, this could just mean that the air gap inside the cylinder just needs reinstating, which is perfectly normal. If after following these steps the problem still persists then call us, but you might be able to…

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5 signs that your boiler might need replacing

1. Your boiler is more than 10 years old If your boiler is around the 10 year old mark, then it’s probably time to start preparing to replace it. Things will start going on it soon (If they haven’t already), and it’ll start costing you more and more in maintenance & repair costs, as well…

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8 Tips To Avoid Being Ripped-Off By A Heating Engineer

8 Tips To Avoid Being Ripped-Off By A Heating Engineer Gas safe – Maybe an obvious one, but make sure the heating engineer is a member of Gas Safe, and has a Gas Safe Number (553166 for example). Gas Safe is the regulating body for the gas industry. If he’s not, he cannot legally work…

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5 Tips to save you needing to call a heating engineer this Winter

The big question around South West London at the moment is…. When should we put the heating on? Should we try and wait as long as we can? I live in Balham, and it’s already set to come on every morning in my house 🙂 When you do finally turn your heating back on, because…

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Do you, or anyone you know, have really old electrics in your home?

If you or anyone you know has old electrics in their home, it’s a very good idea to have a full Electrical Installation and Condition Report, or EICR, carried out in your home. We’d recommend one to new home owners, or every 5 years at least. Electricity can’t be seen, like water can, and often…

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How to make sure you’ re getting optimal water pressure in your home

This is a really simple test you can try in your kitchen (or bathroom) right now… It’s called The Bucket Test. You need, well, a bucket (that holds roughly 10 litres), and a stopwatch or your kitchen timer. 1. Take the bucket and your stopwatch to your kitchen sink or garden tap 2. Place the…

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