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New home buyers FREE plumbing survey

Have you found your dream house, but before buying it you want to make sure the plumbing, heating, bathrooms & drains aren't going to give you any trouble once you move in?

Well we can help - we're offering all new home buyers a full survey of their potential dream home's plumbing & heating system, completely free of charge.

What we'll check

  • Everything plumbing related from the stopcock in the pavement, up to the cold water tanks in the roof space. We will check every visible connection for leaks and try and spot any potential issues / causes for concern.
  • We'll check the boiler, hot water cylinder (& immersion heater) and cold water storage tanks in the loft – we'll have a good look at them and give you our honest opinion of the state they're in. We'll also advise on any potential costs associated with having to replace the boiler, if it's over 10 years old for example.
  • We'll check the condition of your radiators – how old are they, are they still efficient, what sort of valves do they have on them?
  • We'll check your heating controls – Are the working as they should? Are they out of date?
  • We'll check your cold water mains pressure and flow rate – these can be very useful to know, as poor water pressure can be a real pain to live with
  • We'll have a good look at your bathroom(s) – check toilets are flushing properly, baths / showers / basins are draining properly, and that the bathroom waste pipework is 'vented' properly (a very common problem especially houses that have been "recently refurbished". The bathroom will look great on the outside, but behind the scenes it's a complete mess.
  • We'll check shower cartridges / thermostatic controls are working properly and even if they are, we'll take down details of your shower mixer and find you a price for a new cartridge.
  • We'll check all the plumbing in the kitchen & utility rooms – Make sure there are no leaks and that drains are draining properly

Once we're done, we'll send you a full a assessment of everything, so you know exactly what you're getting into - you don't want to have any nasty surprises once you move in

If there is anything we'd recommend repairing / replacing / upgrading, then we will give you estimates for these too, which could help you in your buying negotiations, or at least with planning for the'll know, for example, this boiler is on its last legs, we better start putting a bit aside for it, as it might go in the next few months.

Areas covered

- Anywhere with an SW postcode, at the moment. We are based in Brixton, and predominantly cover the South West of London, so this is the 'patch' we'd like to stick to for the immediate future. So anyone buying in Pimlico, Victoria, Westminster through to the Brixton, Clapham, Wandsworth area.

Why are we offering this

We would just like the chance to show local home owners what we, as a company, are about, because webelieve the best way we can build our business, is through good, solid, long term relationships with our customers. We didn't start this business to make a make a quick buck, we want The Hamilton Group to be around for a very long time, and we need to build relationships with the residents of South West London to do that.

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Hours and Locations

Our team is on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days-a- week in the following locations thourghout South West London:

  • Westminster, Victoria (SW1)
  • Brixton (SW2)
  • Chelsea (SW3)
  • Clapham (SW4)
  • Earl’s Court, West Brompton (SW5)
  • Fulham (SW6)
  • South Kensington, Knightsbridge (SW7)
  • South Lambeth (SW8)
  • Stockwell (SW9)
  • West Brompton, Chelsea (SW10)
  • Battersea (SW11)
  • Balham (SW12)
  • Streatham (SW16)
  • Tooting (SW17)
  • Earlsfield (SW18)
  • Dulwich (SE21)
  • Herne Hill (SE24)
  • West Norwood (SE27)
  • Camberwell (SE5)
  • Southwark (SE1)

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