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Do you suffer from low water pressure?

Are you tired of waking up to a weak shower every morning?

Well, you’re not the only one. It’s becoming an increasingly common problem throughout South West London, and we get calls weekly from customers asking us to come and take a look at their systems, and come up with a solution for them…

Here are the three best solutions to remedy low water pressure, in our opinion as a local plumbing and heating company.

1. Upgrade your incoming cold water mains

This involves contacting Thames Water, and applying to upgrade your water mains, and having the stopcock in your pavement upgraded (AND possibly the old lead pipe that runs from your stopcock to the middle of the road somewhere). We can then come and run the new larger bore cold water mains from the pavement into your house. Thames Water would need to do the final connection, when they come and upgrade your stopcock.


  • Can often be the most inexpensive way of increasing your water pressure.
  • Pretty ‘green’ too, as there’s nothing electrical / mechanical involved, just a new plastic stopcock in the pavement and new larger bore main into your home.


  • No guarantees – Thames Water have no obligation to make sure you have an awesome shower every morning. All they need to do is ensure you have water. So your water pressure could fluctuate, and will naturally fluctuate anyway during peak times, i.e. from 6:00 – 9:00 in the morning during the week.
  • Expensive – TW do charge quite a bit for this service, and sometimes need to close off the road to dig it up, depending on what they need to do. Depending on what’s involved in running the new larger bore main into your house too, that can also be costly, if we have to take up paving / tiles etc for example. Sometimes the route into the house isn’t always that straight forward.
  • Lead time – Some of our clients have waited 2-3 months for TW to come out! If you’re in a hurry, this probably isn’t the solution for you.
  • A lot of homes have a shared water mains too, and if one your neighbours isn’t keen to contribute to the upgrade, then this solution might not be the solution for you.

2. Install an ‘accumulator’ (but may need a pump as well)

An accumulator is basically like a large ‘pressure vessel’ (compressed air, and stored cold water, separated by a membrane), so your cold water mains goes into it at the weaker pressure, gets pressurised, and then comes out at the boosted rate – that’s basically the just of it.


  • We have had successes with them, and many people are happy with them.
  • Eco-friendly (especially if you don’t need to install a pump as well), then they require no electricity to them, and are silent.
  • Low maintenance


  • They are fairly expensive, and often to ensure you have a good shower, you need to fit a pump together with them (and that then pushes up the cost too).
  • They range in size from just below a metre in height to just over 1.5m in height x 60cm in diameter. Sizes vary according to your requirements, but generally they do take up quite a bit of space.
  • We’ve had issues where they’ve lost pressure / charge, and need to get re-charged, and this is something that might need to be done as often as every few years
  • We’ve also had customers who just haven’t been that happy with their overall performance.

3. Install a breaker tank, and a constant pressure pump

Basically what it involves is fitting a cold water storage tank, similar to the one in your loft. Your weaker cold water mains then fills this tank, and from there we boost the water to the rest of the house, by way of a’constant pressure pump’.


  • 100% success rate – this is the system we recommend to our clients, and have had only positive feedback about every installation, and literally zero problems.
  • These are ‘constant pressure pumps’, so we can set the pressure to between 1 – 6 Bar and no matter how many showers are being used at the same time, the pump will adjust and keep the pressure to what you’ve set it at, for example 4 Bar.
  • They’re extremely quiet We fitted them in bedroom cupboards, and customers can’t even hear them.


  • They do require quite a bit of space, for the tank etc. But cold water storage tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve fitted long thin tanks up in roof spaces, and tall boxy tanks under stairs, so often there is a tank to fit the space.
  • They are fairly expensive, but comparable in price to the accumulator option, possibly cheaper (job dependant). And depending on exactly how much work Thames Water need to do replace your stopcock / water mains, they could even be cheaper than that option. And can you put a price on a decent shower in the morning?

Shower boosting pump

The booster is fairly small and can be fitted horizontally / vertically. It’s also amazingly quiet too – we’ve fitted them in bedroom cupboards, and that particular customer said they never even heard it.

Well, those are the best options in our opinion, for boosting your whole houses water pressure. I hope you’ve found this informative, and we do realise this is A LOT of information to take in, so if you have any questions, we’d love to hear them and we’d love to hear your feedback too. Please drop us an email at or give us a call on 02077388967.

We’d also be more than happy to come round and carry out a survey of your property, and provide you with a free, no obligations quote, to boost your homes water pressure. There isn’t a one size fits all solution unfortunately so it’s always best to assess each property on it’s own.

*Please note too, that I have used the term ‘water pressure’ quite loosely here. There are actually two factors at play here – your ‘water pressure’ and your ‘flow rate’. But basically what I’ve meant by ‘water pressure’, is a better shower in the morning

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