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How smoke alarms in your home can be a life saver

Smoke Alarms are devices that go unnoticed, and are often also neglected. The importance of a smoke alarm inside the house is extremely obligatory. Some people get smoke alarms installed, and don’t keep them maintained or forget to change the batteries. Keeping a functioning smoke alarm on all floors of the house is mandatory.

Installing Smoke Detectors in all the right places

It is extremely important that all your smoke detectors are correctly installed by professionals in your house, and are installed in all the right places of the house on each floor. The device should be fit into the ceiling, and should be at least one foot away from the walls and lights.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two types of smoke detectors. One is an ionization detector, and one is an optical detector. If your home has both types of smoke detectors installed, then that would be the best and safest option for the protection of your home.

Ionization alarms are sensitive to smoke that is caused by a fast burning fire. It would be ideal to install this alarm inside or near the kitchen area. An optical alarm can detect slow burning fires, and are ideally kept somewhere near the hallways or the living room.

Maintenance of your Smoke Alarms

Make sure that your smoke alarm is always in working condition. This requires proper maintenance. Smoke alarms are low maintenance, and do not require much of a hassle. Be sure to test your smoke alarms every week at least once by using the test button to make sure it is still working.

Make sure you replace the batteries on a yearly basis or sooner if required. Get the whole smoke alarm unit changed every 10 years unless earlier required due to other technical problems. You can vacuum any dust that builds up from the detector every 6 months if necessary, with the given vacuum extender tube.

Installing Smoke Alarms in the Bedroom

People who like to sleep with their doors closed, or who tend to smoke inside their rooms, or if they have heaters and electrical devices that are constantly running and being used and tend to heat up, should definitely install a smoke alarm inside their bedrooms. It is a safe option to have smoke alarms installed inside the bedrooms too because people who often sleep with closed doors sometimes may not be able to hear the sound of the alarm go off due to the noise coming from the air conditioning or the loud television or a stereo playing.

Smoke alarms are not extremely expensive devices to be installed in your home. They are definitely worth the price you pay for it as it goes a long way to protect the safety of your home and your family. Home fires have the highest number of deaths, so it is important to get a smoke alarm installed in your house. If you don’t have one already, you should get one installed now.

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