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How to make sure you’ re getting optimal water pressure in your home

This is a really simple test you can try in your kitchen (or bathroom) right now…

It’s called The Bucket Test.

You need, well, a bucket (that holds roughly 10 litres), and a stopwatch or your kitchen timer.

1. Take the bucket and your stopwatch to your kitchen sink or garden tap

2. Place the bucket under the tap.

3. Open the tap to the max, start the stop watch, and let the water pour into the bucket.

4. When the bucket’s full – stop the timer.

Test your mains water flow rate with this simple test

Now read your times. Did it take you roughly 30 seconds to fill? Good. Your water pressure is fine.

But just to be sure, you can try a “stress test“, too:

Do everything as above, but this time, open a second tap somewhere in the house and let it run while you’re measuring.

Still taking you about 30 seconds to fill? Excellent. You have nothing to worry about.

If, on the other hand, your times are much lower (1 minute and up)… or you’re still waiting for your bucket to fill 😉 … then you probably need to call a plumber and tell him that you have a low water pressure problem.

There are a few solutions for you though. Not all will be the right fit for your situation. If you want to understand which one is better suited for your home, download your free ‘Low Water Pressure Solutions’ guide that’s available from the link below.

There are a few different reasons why you might have low water pressure, but there’s also a few different solutions too. To find out which would be best for you, download the guide.

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