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Drain Cleaning Services In South West London

When Drains And Drainage Pipes Need Cleaning

Drain cleaning or pipe cleaning becomes necessary when you notice the water in your sink or bath is draining away very slowly. That's a sure sign of a blockage or partial blockage. Blockages can occur for a number of reasons and in the bathroom it's usually due to a combination of soap and hair, which has accumulated around the bend of a waste disposal pipe. In the kitchen it's almost always due to food waste including fats and grease. Most often these blockages can be cleared relatively quickly using a rod or plunger but occasionally the problem can be further along the drainage system, requiring removal of the manhole inspection cover.

Drainage System Inspection

If necessary, stubborn bath and sink blockages can be cleared by applying a high pressure water jet, which is also the perfect solution to clearing a blocked drain. If waste water is 'backing up' and not draining properly from hand basins, toilets and baths then the problem could be in the exterior, underground pipework. To determine whether this is the case, the manhole cover, which is usually located outdoors in the garden or set in a path or driveway, will need to be removed to allow for a visual inspection. If all looks to be clear then running the hand basin or bath taps with the inspection cover removed should confirm the location of the blockage

Exterior Drain Cleaning

When foul water and sewage begins to seep from under the exterior manhole inspection cover and into the surrounding areas, chances are you have a serious blockage. These types of blockages are most commonly caused by flushing disposable towelling products down the toilet. Many of these products, especially wipes, do not break down and will collect at a bend or junction causing a blockage, which can sometimes be difficult to clear. However, high powered jetting can clear the system and push the offending items down into the sewer. After any type of sink, bath or toilet blockage has been cleared it is advisable to have the complete system cleaned to prevent any further blockages occurring.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

There are many proprietary products on the market designed to clear blocked sinks, baths and drains but almost all are toxic and are not at all friendly to the environment. They could also cause lasting damage to plastic pipework. The reason damage can be caused is because in order for the compound to break down and dissolve the blockage, a chemical reaction is required. This reaction generates heat, which can cause the plastic to distort and weaken. Prolonged use can cause the plastic pipes to split, which in turn can cause flooding.

Why Choose Hamilton Group For Drain Cleaning Services?

Hamilton Group engineers are industry trained and fully qualified to carry out all drain cleaning and maintenance works for both domestic and industrial clients. We offer a reliable and fully guaranteed drain cleaning service to customers anywhere within the South West London areas. We are trusted and experienced tradesmen, and we take pride in the job and a job done well. We offer…

● 24 hour call out and emergency cover for drain cleaning

● Quality drain cleaning and contract maintenance services

● Comprehensive CCTV camera surveys and diagnosis

● High pressure water jetting drain cleaning services

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