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Electric Boiler Repair & Installation South West London

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Electric boiler repair services

An electric boiler is very similar to that of a gas or oil fired boiler and they are generally trouble free but on occasion problems can arise. The main problem being no hot water or heating but unlike gas or oil fired boilers, electric boilers are less prone to problems caused by burning fuel such as carbon build up. They are also more environmentally friendly, very efficient and don't need annual servicing. Problems that can arise, which can cause the boiler to fail, include an electrical supply fault, a leaking pipe, faulty pump, water pressure problems or electrical component failure. With a direct electric boiler, which is a type of combi boiler, water is heated on demand. However with a storage electric boiler, water is heated and then stored in a tank for later use and so this system has more parts and so there's more opportunities of leaks occurring. Most parts are generally easy to replace and so repairs can be carried out very quickly.

Electric boiler installation services

An electric boiler is more efficient, lighter, cleaner and quieter than a gas or oil fired boiler. However, electricity is currently more expensive so monthly bills can be a little higher. The installation process is relatively quick and straight-forward depending on the type of boiler required. A direct boiler being the simplest and quickest to install and the Combined Primary Storage Unit (CPSU) needing lots of space and time to install. The latter is more suited to large properties and even commercial installations. A compromise is the popular storage electric boiler, which can take advantage of lower electricity costs by heating water overnight ready for use the next day. Hamilton Group can provide advice about all types of electric boiler options including solar, so you can work out the most suitable installation and running cost comparisons.

Electric boiler inspection

If you are experiencing electric boiler problems then a close inspection by one of our professional boiler engineers will reveal the nature of the fault and how the problem can be rectified. Electrical wiring and circuitry can be replaced or repaired very quickly, however a repair or part replacement may take longer so a general inspection can very often save a lot of inconvenience.

Why Choose Hamilton Group for your electric boiler repair and installation?

Hamilton Group boiler engineers are industry trained and fully qualified to carry out all types of electric boiler repairs and installations for domestic clients. Our engineers are fully registered and NAPIT approved. We offer a reliable and fully guaranteed electric boiler repair and installation service to customers anywhere within the South West London areas. We are trusted and experienced tradesmen, and we take pride in the job and a job done well. We offer…

● 24 hour and emergency call out for all electric boiler repairs

● Full electric boiler installation, repair or replacement service

● Comprehensive electric boiler inspection service

● 100% guarantees on all electric boiler repairs and installations

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