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Burst Pipe & Leak Repair South West London

Burst pipes and leaks

A burst pipe can happen at any time and sometimes without warning. It's a problem that's mostly associated with winter time, when water in external pipes becomes frozen, which then expands causing a pipe to burst or a joint to split. In severe weather conditions, when temperatures plummet well below freezing, even pipes inside a property can burst if there is not sufficient heating. However, there are many cases when a leaking pipe can become a burst pipe if ignored for any length of time. The action of water on a leaking pipe will almost always cause the problem to become much worse over time, so it's important to ensure leaks are repaired before any serious damage is done.



What to do if you have a burst pipe or major leak

Initially, you can wrap a cloth around the area or tape over the damage to minimise the flow but this will only be a very temporary measure. Instead, locate the stopcock, which is usually under the sink, or it can be by the front door or outside in the garden or in the footpath on the street. It's advisable to know exactly where it is located as a matter of course just in case you need to turn if off in the event of a burst pipe emergency. Once the valve has been shut off, call a Hamilton Group emergency plumber who will attend to the problem quickly and effect a repair.


What to do if you have a leaking pipe?

A pipe that is slowly leaking causing constant dripping will get worse over time and will undoubtedly cause costly damage to the surrounding areas. However, a leak can often be ignored and left unattended to because it's wrongly assumed that it's not causing a major problem. Water will always find its way down to floorboards, seep under floor coverings and be soaked up into walls causing wet patches on wallpaper and the plaster to become weakened. Quite often a leak can occur at a joint and can be very cheap to repair if tackled early enough. For a quick and effective water leak repair, simply call a Hamilton Group plumber before the repair bill runs to many hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Why choose Hamilton Group for burst pipe and leak repair services?

Hamilton Group plumbers are industry trained and fully qualified to carry out all types of burst pipe and leak repairs for domestic clients. Our emergency plumbers are fully qualified plumbing and heating engineers. We offer a reliable and fully guaranteed burst pipe and leak repair service to customers anywhere within the South West London areas. We are trusted and experienced tradesmen, and we take pride in the job and a job done well. We offer…

● 24 hour emergency call out for all plumbing leaks and repairs

● Full emergency burst pipe and leak repair services

● Comprehensive burst pipe and leak repairs within the South West London areas.

● 100% guarantees on all burst pipe and leak repair services

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