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Unblocking Toilets, Sinks & Smaller Internal Pipework

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Unblocking toilets

Admittedly, not the most glamourous job in the world but someone's got to do it. The toilet is probably the most used facility in every household and is therefore more likely to become blocked at some point. The main causes of toilet blockages are too much paper being flushed at any one time, flushing of disposable towelling products such as nappies and sanitary products and flushing products that do not belong in the toilet such as food and toys. A blocked toilet should not be used until the blockage has been completely cleared, otherwise the situation can become much worse and lead to raw sewage overflowing onto the floor. In most cases the blockage can be cleared quickly using a high pressure water jet, even if the blockage is well down the pipe system.

Unblocking sinks

When water is very slowly draining out of the sink, a partial blockage is in progress. If not attended to, the matter will become worse until water will stop flowing from the sink altogether. Most sink blockages are caused by a build-up of waste soap products and hair. These can combine and collect around the pipe bend, slowly limiting the size of the internal diameter, which causes the water to drain slowly. There are a number of chemical solution products that can be bought over the counter, which are designed to clear a blocked sink but they are not environmentally friendly. They can also cause damage to the internal linings of the pipework, weakening the pipe walls and joints. Hamilton Group advises against using these products.

Small internal pipework

There are occasions when small internal pipework around the home will need repairing or replacing. This can include copper pipes from the central heating system to the radiators, plastic sink and bath waste pipes, hot and cold water pipes for hand basins, baths and showers, overflow and vent pipes together with a myriad of connectors and fittings. Hamilton Group plumbers carry out all kinds of repairs and replacement for any type of internal pipework, no matter how small.

Why choose Hamilton Group for unblocking toilets, sinks & smaller internal pipework services?

Hamilton Group plumbers are industry trained plumbers and fully qualified to carry out all types of work relating to clearing blockages of toilets and sinks for domestic clients. Our tradesmen are fully qualified plumbing and heating engineers. We offer a reliable and fully guaranteed toilet and sink unblocking and repair service to customers anywhere within the South West London areas. We are trusted and experienced tradesmen, and we take pride in the job and a job done well. We offer…

● 24 hour emergency call out for all toilet, bath and sink unblocking

● Full emergency toilet, bath and sink clearing services

● Unblocking of toilets and sinks & small internal pipework replacement services

● 100% guarantees on all unblocking services within the South West London areas.

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